Hi I'm Bana

I'm the creator & designer of IVY handbags, scroll down and get to know us more...


Hello my name is Bana Abdeen. I’m a full time mom and a full time handbag designer (thanks to the support of my loving husband).

My day always starts with having breakfast with my family. If I don’t have business meetings during the day then it’s off to the factory to meet with my craftsmen and then to the gym for a good workout (I always manage to sneak in a cup of coffee with a dear friend). My favorite part of the day is when I pick up my son from school as he always has exciting stories to tell about his day. I then return to my office before rushing back home to prepare dinner. There is something very gratifying in sharing a home cooked meal with the ones you love after a long and hard day.

This doesn’t leave time for much else. But it’s all worth it, since my two favorite things in the world are family and handbags!


It all started during my years of university, a time when I was turning into a young lady and was making my very first steps into the social world. Anything and everything that had to do with my image mattered and this definitely included fashion.

For as long as I can remember I have carried an innate interest for fashion and I have always wanted to create my own signature pieces that satisfied my desires. And so, in my spare time, I started designing and handcrafting handbags for my own pleasure and use.
It was just a personal project, until my friends started asking me to design handbags for them. Then friends of friends started calling me to ask about my designs too.
This is when I decided to to go public and turn my passion for handbags into a business.

And this is how in 2012, IVY was born.


A handbag is every woman’s signature!

We believe that women should be able to wear beautiful and durable handbags without sacrificing their personal style, paying exaggerated price tags or compromising quality.

Submerged in the fashion world, our in-house design & development team joins efforts with our skilled craftsmen to produce each collection. Our designs range from classical to trendy while always being stylish & practical.
Love, top quality real leather, gold plated accessories, attention to details, remarkable craftsmanship and impeccable finishing are the main ingredients of our recipe.

IVY addresses today’s woman who appreciates luxury and desires individuality.